Vote Now! Best Coffee (House) In San Francisco

WOW! The “best” coffee (house) in San Francisco nominees streamed in last week, thanks to a nice little link from Yahoo!, and it looks like we may now have the most comprehensive list of San Francisco Coffee (Houses) ever on one ballot. Needless to say, our tiny list was well shy of what is truly out there to enjoy, and it looks like we have some coffees to taste. But for now it’s time to vote.


Which San Francisco Coffee (House) is THE BEST by majority vote?

We leave it to you. Please vote, please tell your friends, Tweet it, “Like” it, share the link (, then print the list and visit each and every one of these places. Whatever you do, don’t let your favorite coffee (house) lose!

Good luck!


If your fav coffee (house) didn’t make the ballot, feel free to mention them in the comments or add them in “other”. As always, thanks for hanging out on theFrontSteps, and thanks for telling your friends.

Once again, the direct link to this post:

[Update: Word is spreading on multiple sites, including SFGate, so we may actually get a “People’s Choice” here….and a few thousand votes.]

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Add yours →

  1. Best Coffee and best baristas

  2. Tony’s coffee is the best…

  3. I love Curbside Coffee. Not only is the coffee the best but the Baristas are friendly and knowledgeble.

  4. Curbside Coffee is the best in SF!

  5. sleeper pick: Cafe Stazione at the 22nd St Caltrain station (22nd & Pennsylvania).

  6. are you kidding me!! packed with locals! the hardest working sweetest woman in the world! family owned and staffed!! we LOVE martha!!

  7. It’s no contest Philz is the best coffee and hang out place in the city, well anywhere actually. Go Philz!

  8. Simple Pleasures in the Richmond District. Great neighborhood feel and they have beer on tap which is an awesome bonus during the evenings.

  9. Is this coffee? Espresso? Espresso drinks? French press? Individual drip?

    We need more categories!

  10. Bernie’s has great coffee, great service, great staff and Bernie rocks!

  11. Simple pleasures coffee beats all the rest. Best coffee citywife’ handsdown winner take all.

  12. Simple pleasures coffee beats all the rest. Best coffee citywide handsdown winner take all.

  13. This is madness. The reason why “Battle of the Bands” contests were so lame are all on exhibit here.

  14. This list should really have Coffee Bar on it. They make the best coffee, they have the best beans.

  15. blue bottle is my fave, but it’s not worth a 20 minute wait.

  16. Could this list be any more unusable and prejudicial in its odd ordering? Don’t think so.

    [Editor’s Note: It’s at random and changes with every page refresh, but thanks for visiting.]

  17. OMG – Philz coffee is good but way too expensive to be in the lead. Price should be added in to voting on best coffee. At least Blue Bottle Coffee is reasonably priced.

  18. Cinema Cafe at New People on Post Street in Japan Town. Great blue bottle coffee, cool space, delicious food, vegan Japanese pastries.

    This whole building is cool and fun – art gallery, shops, Viz cinema. I just moved to Berkeley (birthplace of Peets and seriously good coffee over here) and this is the place I miss the most from my old Fillmore neighborhood.


  20. Beanery is the only real choice, when it comes to coffee. They have been roasting the coffee for a long time, and believe me, they know whwt they are doing.

  21. Beanery is simply the best coffee I have tasted anywhere.

  22. Its all about the BEANS
    BEANERY has got the means!

  23. JAVA BEACH has the best coffee and food in San Francisco! Java Beach at the Zoo and at the beach are great places to go in the Sunset!

  24. Beanery is simply the best

  25. 100% agree with Hadi beanery is SIMPLY THE BEST

  26. Hey everyone, glad to fine fellow espresso lovers. FYI i heard about this new service in SF that gives out free coffee @ ritual and blue bottle, and its not one of thise scams just thought you guys would appreciate it

    check it out

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