David & Aynur

Alex is, simply put, the best real estate agent in San Francisco.

In a span of a few years, Alex has helped us buy two homes, and sell another two. Most of those deals presented unusual, and daunting challenges–financing problems, uber-competitive bidding situations, extreme time pressure, etc. Looking back, I still can’t believe that we managed to get those deals over the line. I can’t imagine that we could have done so with a different agent.

Last year we bought a house that we had fallen in love with. To do it, we had to beat out 8 other serious bidders–some of whom were ready to offer more money. Alex got us the deal. Six months later he helped us to sell the same house, off-market, at a price 50% higher (!!!). Those facts speak for themselves.

However, what impresses me most about Alex is his ability–even in highly stressful situations–to remain calm, reasonable, and friendly. This doesn’t mean that he isn’t tough when he needs to be! But he has a relaxed, personable way of doing business, which charms clients and fellow agents alike. We have come to consider him a good friend.

Thank you, Alex! You will be our first and only call the next time we need to buy or sell a house.