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Bernal Heights strikes again (145 Coso…$309,000 over)

We’re not making this up, but it might help answer the question, “is Bernal on Fuego or Hielo?” All pricing issues aside, this is a pretty damn good find. Thanks Garrett: 145 Coso, a 3-bed, 2-bath, 13 days on the market and $309,000 above asking, which brings the sales price to $1,408,000 in Bernal. No […]

Battle Royale: Pacific Heights vs. the Marina…if you had to...

Since there is a nice little discussion going on about the pros and cons of Noe Valley versus Bernal Heights, we thought we’d try a couple of different posts along the same lines. We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly about the Marina vs. Pacific Heights…if you had to choose, and […]

Stump the Stammtisch: Bernal on Fuego or Hielo?

Being that it is the middle of summer, we’re curious to see what kind of replies we get to this post, but we hope the Stammtisch can come through nonetheless. If they can’t…readers!? “Hi, Over the past few weeks I’ve been seeing a Realtor post on Craig’s List that Bernal Heights is “on Fuego”. For […]

An offer date that came and went (366 Montcalm in Bernal Heights)...

A reader just fired this to us, and since we happen to be sitting at the computer (go figure) we’ll just throw it up without any real editorial genius, and hope our readers or Stammtisch can provide some insight. 366 Montcalm ($649,000), a two bed, one bath “condo alternative” on the North Slope of Bernal […]

463 Nevada in Bernal on $950,000 out $775,000 (yes that’s u...

A reader asks about 463 Nevada, a “mid-century modern home completely remodeled in 2001 with great light and views. Perfect home for people who appreciate design and architecture from Dwell Magazine and Design Within Reach.”-agent remarks “Hi, i’ve always believed that you can’t lose in SF RE, especially if you wait out the lows because […]

Stats & Numbers

Thanks to “Boom”, who commented on one of our posts, and provided us with this link to the latest Bay Area Home Sale Activity for April 2007, which we copied below to show you just how San Francisco stacked up to the same month last year. [source: Data Quick] Our problem with relying on zip […]

“Little old Bernal Heights makes the Financial Times”

We’ve been telling you for eons how hot Bernal has been and continues to be, and a kind reader forwarded us the following article, from none other than the Financial Times (The City’s Last Secret). Some money quotes: -“Bernal isn’t the next neighbourhood in San Francisco; it’s the last neighbourhood in San Francisco,” [Editor’s note: […]

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