Maximum Overbid: “You’re Much Too Modest, Have Another $650K”

Well what do you know: We were just discussing how tricky it is to find home selling for less than $1 million in the western neighborhoods–or for that matter anywhere in SF these days–and along comes a sterling example of that phenomena.

The house at 3345 Vicente Street did indeed list for a whisper below $1 million a couple of weeks ago, but it’s hard to imagine anyone actually thought that was a reasonable sale price in this day and age: For perspective, the last time a house in the Sunset listed for a median $1 million or less was five years ago.

The world being the way it is today, five years is either relatively recent or about a lifetime ago, depending on your perspective on certain things. Point being, even those homes were inevitably overbids most of the time.

This Vicente Street affair comes in just under 1,000 square feet with two beds and two baths, actually making it the most modest set-up of the top ten this week, not that it appears to have made any real difference in demand.

The ad did tout that the place has been newly remodeled, and the city lists building permits here from just a few weeks before the listing went live, although that only went so far as a new bathroom and kitchen–the usual, in other words.

Longtime readers may again be wondering, just why DO almost all of our top overbids cluster in just the Sunset? We examined this in-depth a bit last year, but coming weeks may call for a revisit to the topic, so stay tuned for that.

AddressBR/BA/UnitsDOMList PriceSold PriceOverbid
3345 Vicente Street2/1/N/A14$998,000$1,651,00065.43%
1340 Dolores Street3/3/N/A11$1,495,000$2,300,00053.85%
882 Chenery Street3/2/N/A6$1,495,000$2,300,00053.85%
126 Putnam Street3/2/N/A11$1,495,000$2,225,00048.83%
4220 Irving Street3/2/N/A11$1,395,000$2,050,00046.95%
67 Middlefield Drive3/2/N/A10$1,298,000$1,900,00046.38%
508 Connecticut Street3/2/N/A11$1,859,000$2,700,00045.24%
1743 46th Avenue5/4/N/A12$2,295,000$3,300,00043.79%
570 Hearst Avenue2/1/N/A5$1,099,000$1,575,00043.31%
152 Rae Avenue2/2/N/A13$998,000$1,426,00042.89%

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