Maximum Overbid: Southside Teardown Sells for $1 Million, Because Of Course

It’s time for Maximum Overbid and oh my, isn’t this one a treat.

The listing for 1598 Geneva Avenue says it all–or rather, says very little, from which you can extrapolate the rest: boarded-up windows and doors, no interior photos, “contractor’s paradise,” and the low-for-SF price of just under $600K for an ostensibly two bed, three bath house right across the street from the southwestern flank of McLaren Park.

This is a straight-up teardown. A 2021 DBI complaint against the property describes fire damage from a May blaze and “three foot-high pile(s) of debris throughout the building.” Neighbors complained that the owner had died and the property was subsequently left to sit in decay (and possibly attract squatters) without any clear indication of whose responsibility it was.

Note that the listing, taken out in early January, specifies “no death in the property,” which is sort of reassuring, albeit perhaps a too-specific denial.

In any estimation, what we have here is a mess at best–so naturally it was worth $1 million and change to an ambitious buyer willing to go well over 70 percent of the list price. Even if Crocker-Amazon remains SF’s most overlooked neighborhood, it’s still San Francisco after all.

AddressBR/BA/UnitsDOMList PriceSold PriceOverbid
1598 Geneva Avenue2/3/N/A21$599,000$1,026,00071.29%
531 29th Street2/2/N/A8$1,395,000$2,225,00059.50%
1435 46th Avenue3/2/N/A13$995,000$1,475,00048.24%
244 Olmstead Street3/2/N/A13$998,000$1,452,00045.49%
762 Chenery Street3/3/N/A12$1,995,000$2,852,20042.97%
1367 41st Avenue5/5/N/A12$1,759,000$2,385,00035.59%
2178 15th Street2/2/9$1,895,000$2,400,00026.65%
242 Richland Avenue2/1/14$998,000$1,250,00025.25%
1 Naylor Street3/1/N/A19$1,188,000$1,475,00024.16%
2990 22nd Avenue3/3/N/A11$2,095,000$2,500,00019.33%

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