Maximum Overbid: Did a Castro Condo Sell For $165 Million? (Spoiler: No, But We Can Dream)

Ordinarily the phrase “Maximum Overbid” is a figure of speech, but in this case it’s seemingly quite literal, as we have indeed recorded seemingly the highest overbid in the history of San Francisco; a shame it’s too good to be true.

As you can see from the table below, 336 Cumberland Street, an enterprising Castro condo a few blocks away from Dolores Park, seems to have gone above and beyond by selling this week for a mammoth $165 million.

Given that it listed for just under $1.9 million, that would make this a record 8,607 percent overbid, and without question the biggest SF condo sale of all time and one of the biggest in the history of the world. Talk about a hot market!

But of course that’s not really what happened, as much fun as it is to make believe. Rather, this is clearly just an error (either human or computer related), although amusingly the titanic figure has popped up on all of the aggregate sites that scrape their data off the MLS automatically.

That’s one advantage you get here at the Front Steps, where a real human being compiles the information for you and realizes that while 336 Cumberland is a nice place and all, even in the Castro there are limits. In reality, we can confirm per the seller’s agent that the real price was $1.65 million–actually an underbid, but good show even so.

So the real winner this week is 2566 42nd Avenue, a three bed, two bath Outer Sunset affair that is also presumably never going to break the 8,000 percent marker but at least came by its 57 percent overbid honestly, selling for more than $1.71 million after less than to weeks on the market.

AddressBR/BA/UnitsDOMList PriceSold PriceOverbid
336 Cumberland Street3/2.00/19$1,895,000$165,000,0008607.12%
2566 42nd Avenue3/2.00/N/A13$1,095,000$1,719,50057.03%
160 Santa Marina Street2/1.00/N/A13$998,000$1,500,00050.30%
1636 48th Avenue4/5.00/N/A18$1,995,000$2,675,00034.09%
1621 Cayuga Avenue3/3.00/N/A12$1,159,000$1,551,00033.82%
101 Lombard Street3/2.00/108W32$1,655,000$2,155,00030.21%
559 Joost Avenue2/1.00/N/A12$979,000$1,256,00028.29%
5160 Diamond Heights Boulevard2/2.00/305C6$925,000$1,185,00028.11%
43 Norwich Street2/1.00/N/A13$1,149,000$1,450,00026.20%
1257 Dolores Street1/1.00/A10$875,000$1,100,00025.71%

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