The 3 Most Common Questions In Real Estate Answered & The End Of Annoying Realtor Marketing?

Hands down, the three most common questions a real estate agent gets asked:
1. How’s the market?
2. How much is the property down/across the street?
3. How much did the property down/across the street sell for?

The answers are in [we pulled the link due to mls regulations and/or a nark…sign up for sfnewsletter to get the goods.]”the Goods”: Sold & New Listing Property Reports To Your Inbox!. You, and all of your neighbors, can track new listings and sales in your area by property type, know the list price of the property down the street, and ultimately where it sells. You’ll know if it sold above or below asking, how quickly it sold (DOM= Days On Market), and all of the property details and photos that go along with…which, in turn, will give you an understanding of the market in your area. Simply brilliant!
Sold Property Data, San Francisco
No need to leave the comfort of your internet connected device, or heaven forbid, pick up the phone to call an agent! No zooming in on crappy mashed up maps, no annoying pop-up ads, no sorting through countless registration agreements and ugly real estate agent photos to get the information you really want, because seriously…real estate agents shouldn’t be sending you calendars, magnets, pens, notepads, or anything else. You really just need them to keep you updated on the market in your area, right?

With industry-wide adoption and cooperation, when it comes time to buy or sell in a certain area, you’ll be so much more wise to the conversation, and more importantly, maybe agents will stop sending you mountains of mail and junk you don’t need!

So either get on sfnewsletter by signing up at, or have your agent send you “The Goods” asap.

Get the Goods
-See the Goods (Link Will Expire on 6/14/2013, or we have to pull it because mls slapped us or somebody narked.)
Give the Goods

Please note: The link to “the Goods” will expire, so you will only be able to refer back to that data until the new link arrives. If you’re a real estate agent in San Francisco, Marin, or the Peninsula and you’d like to send “the Goods” to your clients…it can be arranged, just contact sfnewsletter.
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