Making the Most Expensive Home in San Francisco Out of LEGOs

Guest post by Movoto Real Estate

We all had fond memories of building with LEGOs as kids. Have you ever considered what it would take to make an entire home made out of LEGOs? We did. In fact, we actually created a LEGO calculator so that we could all type in our square footage and see how many LEGOs it would take to re-build our homes and how much it would cost.

For example,here are the results for the most expensive home for sale in San Francisco at the moment:

The Magic and Math Behind the Calculation

There’s a disclaimer here: Our estimate would be for the exterior of the structure, including the roof. So if you have have plans for things like interior walls, you’ll be adding more of the plastic blocks to your count. But once you get over ten million LEGOs, what does a few hundred thousand more matter?

We came up with the math by first figuring out the size of a standard eight-peg LEGO in inches. We found an excellent resource on LEGO brick dimensions and with some converting from millimeters to inches we had the size of a LEGO: about .26 x .62 x 1.22 inches. After we figured this out we researched the standard size of a brick in the States: 2 1/4 x 4 x 8 inches. The end result: 359 LEGOs per brick.

From here it’s multiplication.

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