San Francisco Is Not For Surfing, Just Ask This Half-Eaten Dolphin (Parental Discretion Advised)

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t surf anywhere near San Francisco. Reasons like bad weather, frequent onshore winds, icy water, low visibility, pollution, waves that could kill you, rip currents that could kill you, but hands down the biggest reason not to paddle out….locals that could kill you:
[Photo Source: Facebook]

Okay, okay, so this dolphin didn’t wash up within San Francisco county lines, but it was pretty damn close (Marin County’s Tennessee Valley Beach to be exact), and it clearly didn’t die of “natural causes”.

Not familiar with your San Francisco/Marin boundaries? No worries, we gotcha covered.

The tiny red circle represents the area where the dolphin washed up. Although it is clearly within Marin County lines (and Shark’s Turf), it doesn’t get much closer to San Francisco County lines than that.

Having fun with this map? Cool! Check out the White Shark Information Page on the California department of Fish and Wildlife page too. Lots to learn there…like stop worrying about shark attacks and pay closer attention to the drivers on the road. You’re WAY MORE likely to die in a car crash than shark attack…even if you’re a surfer.

San Francisco may be a good place to grab a romantic dinner, go for a sail, drink some good coffee, embark on a wine country retreat, hang with some hipsters, be gay, smoke pot, start companies, and drive fancy hybrids, but it certainly is not a place to surf…

…and these guys/gals are getting a little tired of their afternoon swims.


Now back to real estate….

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