It’s Earth Day. Turn Off Your Computer, Think About Plastics, And Go Outside San Francisco!

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Start today. Do the same tomorrow. Take a break from the grind, get away from technology, think about your home (waste), and make a difference. At the very least, quit drinking “spring water” from individual plastic bottles (take a trip to remote tropical islands and you’ll see why). In fact, quit drinking that shit altogether…especially if you live in San Francisco. There is no reason. Why not go crazy and try not to use plastic bottles of any kind!? Try composting, recycling should be second nature, and support local businesses making a difference in our environment.

San Francisco is a great place to live, let’s keep it clean and get our neighbors to do the same.

Happy Earth Day! It’s finally a beautiful day here in SF. Go outside and enjoy it!

(FYI, my son is on a rampage…turning off lights, riding his bike to school, and not brushing his teeth…to save water. ;-) Gonna have to work on that last one.)

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