Ask Us/Poll: Should I Put Music “On” A Property Website

We just got this question moments ago and a link to a couple different sites…all the same really, just playing different cheezy music. The question:

I’m signing up a listing for a new property you’ll want to take a look at. The photos turned out great, and the property is awesome! My question is do you think I should put music on the site? Some people say they like it, some hate it. What do you think? You guys seem to have a big audience so maybe you could get more answers than what I’m getting.

Our answer…Hell NO! Music on websites, especially property websites is so unbelievably annoying (to us) we browse with our computer on mute. But that’s just us…let’s put it in a poll, shall we?

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9 thoughts on “Ask Us/Poll: Should I Put Music “On” A Property Website

  1. Music I like (rare) will have me searching for my iPod to figure out what it is. Music I dislike will get me off your site before I look at it. ANY music on your site will clash with whatever I’m enjoying while sitting at my computer. Better to stick with putting up the controversial political posters at your open house.

  2. All these flash sites generally have a ‘landing’ page that needs to be clicked to get to the ‘show’. There should just be an option to “click here with music” or “click here for quiet serenity”

  3. For the love of God, no. The chances of having music that someone actually likes are slim. The chances of making the user experience on your site excruciating due to slow lead times are 100%. If you must have it make it opt in.

    Don’t get me started on Flash real estate sites…

  4. Yikes,
    I just put up “narrated over music” presentation on a property in Walnut Creek. Should have waited until this question. Guess it may be time to take it down

  5. No, You should allow to users choice between music or not music, in your site. You must to choice neutral music, I suppose.

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