Notice To Dog Owners

In one San Francisco neighborhood a few thoughtless dog owners have allowed their dogs to defecate on the sidewalks, and the residents are getting fed up…


As is the case with the stripper cam, we’d love to help. Nothing like a little neighborhood action and public humiliation to get people to stop.

16 thoughts on “Notice To Dog Owners

  1. That is a very nice sign… for me TO POOP ON.

    (ps– please refer to our owners as “poopertrators”!)

  2. I have a dog crap offender in my neighborhood at Duncan & Dolores. He walks his dog and never picks up after it; I’ve seen him in action. What I’m missing is a band of patrollers like you have. More power to ya.

  3. Sadly, there are often times where this is human feces left by the homeless. I suspect the sign is a mere threat to get the offending parties to pick up the poop.

  4. @ eddy: ah, get REAL…I do think that most if not all people can tell the diff between dog shit and people shit…
    I’d love to have a patrol like this in my ‘hood..several dog owners around who refuse to clean up…I’n going to use my digital cam from now and and catch them…

  5. Yeah right. SFPD doesn’t even respond to actual crimes when I call. Think they’ll start a poo task force? What a farce.

    SFPD didn’t even follow up on a hit & run when the license plate of the offending car fell off and was left at the scene! Reason? Short staffing and vacations….

  6. Good for the neibhors for bandng together! It is so unbelievably freaking annoying when owners don’t pic up their dog’s litter. I do, and you guys give us dog owners a bad name!

    The worst is the Doggie Day Care centers, when they take 10 out for a walk. They do a poor job cleaning up.

  7. ok, fine. but most of us in San Francisco dont have 5 acres to allow your dog or any dog to go take a shit..

    so what do we do on our little plots of land?

  8. thank you!! i am so sick of going out for a walk and having to make sure that i don’t step in poop, human or dog, it’s disgusting. SF is one of the dirtiest cities i’ve been in, for such a progressive city it fails in providing a good quality of life for the money we pay. the city should clean the sidewalks once a month, they’re much dirtier than the streets.

  9. progressive = steps taken to guarantee your quality of life might compromise the dignity of someone else’s quality of life.

  10. dog owners and cyclists are two of the most disliked residents of San Francisco……..when they continue to break the law..

    I’m very frustrated that I continually have to clean up dog shit in my sidewalk planting areas on a daily basis…and cannot seem to catch the perpetrator…what do do??

  11. Uh, yeah.

    SF doesn’t prosecute drug addicts who break into cars for the 110th time.

    SF doesn’t prosecute check kiters under $10,000.

    There is zero chance this will result in a prosecution.

  12. How about the owner that picks up their dog shit and then puts it into a neighbor’s empty garbage can without at tie so it goes splat when a garbage bag is dumped in without looking?! Real Class!

  13. Do anyone know the amount in dollars you have to pay if someone actually gets caught on not picking the dog’s excrement?

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