“Caliber” Sets The Bar For (San Francisco) Photography

With several local photographers coming together on one site, Caliber (calibersf.com) is hands down the best photo blog we’ve ever seen in San Francisco, quite possibly on all of the internets, and it’s worth bookmarking and checking everyday.

[We couldn’t pick just one “favorite” photo to show you as example, so we grabbed three.]
Yes, You're Loud
[“Exploding Psychology”]

[“Shoe shine on Market Street”]

[“Smoke ’em if you got ’em”]

You’ve likely already seen Caliber mentioned on any of the multiple San Francisco blogs around town, but we wanted to give them a chance to prove what they got before doing our little plug. Well, they’ve exceeded expectations and it’s quite simply an awesome site with really, really amazing photos and we’re more than happy to send them a little love, and send you their way.

Go ahead, you’re not that busy. Check them out.

Caliber Photo Blog

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