Another Reason to Love Living Here

The FrontSteps likes to remind us of the reasons why we live in this fine city. Sometimes it is easy to forget: for instance, the third say in a week you find a ticket under your windshield wiper. I overheard a gentleman on the N-Judah the other day who, in response to a friend asking if he wouldn’t miss the city once he moved away, said “If ever I miss San Francisco, I will take a dump on my own doorstep and write myself a parking ticket.”

Such anger. No, we need to step away from the DPT and look around at our sparkling water views and ridiculously gorgeous architecture. And we need to visit the Academy of Sciences museum– for free.

If you’ve been scared off by the lines which have still not dwindled, let me assure you, a visit is worth the wait. Not only is the building spectacular, but the exhibits are as well. Plus, the roof is alive! And the planetarium is like an I-MAX theater. There’s even a rain forest!

The below is completely lifted from the California Academy of Sciences “Plan a Visit” page. It’s worth looking into this free day since general admission is pretty steep ($24.95). I’ve enjoyed some of the boozy Thursday night “Nightlife” $10 affairs, but these are exceedingly crowded and perhaps less scholarly than a day visit would be.

So take your proof or residency and enjoy your reward for being a San Franciscan!

Amazing musuem roof picture via California Academy of Sciences

4 thoughts on “Another Reason to Love Living Here

  1. The Cal Academy of Sciences rocks. Nightlife is a great event (though, as you say, it’s definitely less scholarly than a run-of-the-mill visit). The living roof is my favorite feature. Thanks for talking up the Academy!

  2. de Young also has a 2 fer 1 sale now Oct 6-29 after 2pm for Tue,Wed, and Thursdays.

    Admission is valid after 2PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
    Thursdays, Oct. 6-29 at the de Young Museum.

    Tickets for the King Tut exhibit in San Francisco were reduced by 50% in a new
    two-for-one offer. Tickets are now $13.75 each when
    purchased in pairs.

    Admission is valid after 2PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
    Thursdays, Oct. 6-29 at the de Young Museum.

    This exhibit from National Geographic features 130 ancient
    artifacts, including many from the tomb of Tutankhamun.

    Also on sale are individual tickets for $20.60 with a free
    audio tour on any date and time in October. That is a
    savings of over $13 for an adult ticket and audio tour.

    To buy discounted tickets, click below. Fees of $3.25-$3.75
    per ticket and $3.50 per order are additional. (Full price
    tickets are subject to the same fees.)

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