Wife House Swap San Francisco, Stephen Fowler Moving On…

The tip came in:

I thought your readers might find it interesting that poor Stephen Fowler’s house (4218 25th Street) of “Wife Swap” infamy is now on the market. I thought it would only be a matter of time before they moved on to less scrutinized pastures, and now is that time.


The home, situated in prime Noe Valley is 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 4395 square feet and asking $2,925,000. Last sold in 1999 for $730,000 (asking $679,000….ahhh the good ol’ days), and on the market for a spell in 2003 for $2,095,000 with no record of it selling. The home certainly has a bit of “prestige” attached to it, but what home in San Francisco doesn’t!?

Perhaps the painting in the Kitchen/Dining area is an indication of where the owner sees himself moving:

Two million nine hundred twenty five thousand dollars could certainly buy a lot of home elsewhere. Hollywood? Not so sure. Missouri with all the “uneducated, overweight, dumb rednecks”? …uhhhhh yeah.

4218 25th Street, $2,925,000 [MLS]

9 thoughts on “Wife House Swap San Francisco, Stephen Fowler Moving On…

  1. Oh poor Stephen Fowler…… that Wife Swap episode was atrocious. That said, you have to give him props that this is one SWEET house!

    My prediction, it get’s multiple bids and sells for closer to $3.35 million despite the initial asking price, and despite his infamy!

  2. Ah, I cringed when my exact tip was reprinted. I knew the “poor” adjective was not the best choice of words. By poor, I mean, this guy has attracted more hatred and national coverage than many pedophiles and murderers. It sounds like on the wife’s personal blog (at one point, until the posts were taken down) that they could be headed towards divorce as well. He’s even had death threats. All over bad behavior on one episode of a reality t.v. show. His behavior was reprehensible and disgusting, but I didn’t think the crime fit the punishment.

    Local news coverage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd1NLaG5BoI

    Hate blog: http://blog.stephenfowlersucks.com/

  3. @ anon: this may be a bit off topic, but let’s get real. His “bad behavior” was just on one episode of Wife Swap..but think about it…his belief system and values permeate his entire body and mind..I would assume 24/7… he really IS that way all the time. get real.

    glad to see him gone, hopefully far from NV.

  4. $3 mil to live in Noe Valley? These people are dreaming…and it’s gross inside…tacky tile floors, weird ceramic “installations” in the bathrooms, completely boring otherwise. Structurally, the house has no character, style, or visual interest.

  5. “get real” yourself NoeArch. Nowhere did I say this guy wasn’t a jerk all the time, but he exposed his pompous arrogant twisted ideology to the public for one hour on some second tier reality show. He isn’t a public figure, he has no power over anyone else’s interests except his family’s. That’s it, the only way you are going to be exposed to Fowler’s terrible rants is by intentionally seeking out old wife swap clips of the show on UTube.

    And spare me the “I’m so shocked and disgusted, how could someone like that exist in Noe Valley…” routine. Every town in America has a jerk, and NV’s jerk decided to go on Wife Swap.

  6. The minute he stepped into the spotlight, he became a public figure. No one made him reach for his 15 minutes of fame. Television shapes the culture. The public has the right, maybe even the responsibility, to set standards by whatever means are available to them. Maybe the next media moron will think twice before publicly spewing anti-American sentiment.

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