Are you a Realtor that at one point or another may have contacted another Realtor and now all of a sudden you get ALL of that broker’s “new listings”, “off-market opportunities”, “price reduced”, “open house”, and “won’t last” emails?

Are you a principal and walked into an open house, reluctantly gave your email and now you’re getting the exact same thing as mentioned above?

Or did you call a real estate brokerage, request info about ONE property, and now you’re getting blasted all of the properties that match those criteria (without giving them permission to do so)?

If so, share your thoughts, because it is really annoying, and we know we aren’t alone!

Realtors and Brokers….Enough Real Estate Spam! There is a thing called “permission based” e-marketing. sfnewsletter uses it, subscribing to an RSS feed is it, Twitter “follow” is it, Facebook “friending” is it, but somehow most of you just don’t get it. Just because you have an email in your dirty little mitts, doesn’t mean you have permission to spam it, and it certainly doesn’t mean that person wants to be your “friend” on Facebook. Think twice before sending that marketing, and feel good about making a change. We have a bad enough rap as is, so why not make a change for the better?


  1. I once helped a Realtor with something tech-related over email (*completely* unrelated to real estate) and now I’m getting real estate spam. He works for one of the bigger firms, too; sheesh!

  2. I agree, those emails are annoying. I personally ask people if they want to receive occasional emails from me before I add them to my mailing list. Plus, if you don’t know someone well enough to ask permission, it probably means that buyer or seller will not end up working with you. This business is typically by referral.

  3. Hi frickin’ five. Some emails aren’t so bad – like a company’s weekly summary – it’s just ONE thing I have to delete each week, but EVERY listing? EVERY week?????? Sheesh. Right on for calling it out.

  4. I have submitted many requests to Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate to stop spamming me but they refuse to comply. We will punishment them by never doing business with Coldwell.

  5. There’s a certain brokerage that needs to stop spamming every brokerage in town on Fridays. They’re making themselves look like they don’t know how to use the technology they represent themselves as being so savvy about.

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