Summer Of Living, A Letter From The Editor

It’s officially Summer (for elementary schoolers), and as I’m a father of one such child and another pre pre-schooler (no typo), that means my time just vaporized more than it already had. As a result, focus is on family, fun, and selling real estate. Posting on the site will be lighter than normal, but every now and then I’ll certainly get a wild hair and post a ton. Keep coming back, tell your friends, submit tips, and better yet sign up for email delivery of theFrontSteps, so you don’t miss a thing when we do get around to posting new content. You can also check that Twitter thing I recently got going.

If you’re a writer and have something to say about San Francisco, San Francisco Real Estate, or just real estate, feel free to drop us a line ([email protected]), and we’d be happy to see what you’ve got, and post your content to our site. Same goes if you have a question about real estate, or need agent representation for buying/selling a home in San Francisco.

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for telling your friends.

Alex (the editor)