From Fractional To Full And Almost On: 181 O’Farrell #513 @ Odeon $2,349,000

It was years ago when we broke the news of a luxury fractional ownership in the heart of San Francisco, and here we are again. The Odeon is back on the screen and the penthouse is coming to an MLS near you (assuming you live in or near San Francisco).


The fractional ownership of this unit went “pending” in March 2008 at $375,000, but never did hit “sold” status. The pictures are the same then as now, so we’re wondering what exactly is the deal.


It will soon be on MLS for $2,349,000 and available for all to see. Until then, you’ll have to take our word that it’s a pretty darn sweet pad, so if you can picture yourself living down in the heart of San Francisco and wished you could get one of the units without the annoyance of fractional ownership, your day as come. And if you can’t picture yourself there, maybe this little floorplan photo can help.


So many excellent homes and neighborhoods in San Francisco…what are we supposed to do!?

181 O’Farrell, 3 bed, 2 bath, $2,349,000…and coming soon []

6 thoughts on “From Fractional To Full And Almost On: 181 O’Farrell #513 @ Odeon $2,349,000

  1. Maybe as a Ritz alternative this makes sense. But then again, neither of these make any sense. For the $$$, I’ll take the new condos on SouthPark; which, no surprise, I think are overpriced too.

  2. they were listed as fractional interests for $375,000 (think time share. you get X amount of weeks per year). though i have not confirmed this by looking in the MLS myself (yet), i’m assuming, based on this post, that the unit is now being offered at $2.349m for complete ownership. mr. tFS editor… is there parking with this here unit (i’m at the airport on my mac, thus, haven’t logged into MLS to check the stats my damn self).

  3. Per public mls, price looks to be for owning the entire unit. Compared to Ritz or other condos in the area, I like this location better than being on Market St. Also, this unit is much larger (over 2500 sqft/2 levels) than almost anything else in the area and the dues are about 1/3 of the full service places. Unless you gotta have the concierge service, park your car next door and have your groceries delivered for a whole lot less. Spend the monthly savings on entertainment and the wardrobe instead.

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