7 thoughts on “Green Friday: California Academy Of Sciences Gets Platinum LEED Award

  1. Living in the neighborhood, it feels the new academy of sciences has driven more business to the inner sunset neighborhood. The place looks livelier on weekends now. I haven’t asked some of the businesses I frequent in the neighborhood if they have seen an increase in activity thanks to the new academy… but have others noticed something similar?

  2. I have been to the academy and DeYoung a few times each and have eaten, or at least gotten a coffee, in inner sunset each time. I imagine that lots of other people are doing the same.

  3. yup.
    went to Park Chow.
    HORRENDOUS lines at the Academy to be honest.
    didn’t find it an enjoyable experience at all (It was a sunday to be fair).

  4. I took the day off and went with the family, I really liked it. But, that was after my lady panned it so I had low expectations. The aqauriums and the butterflies are very cool, yet I can imagine with a crowd they wouldn’t be the same.

  5. I always have to laugh at how some people have such short fuses..so the crowds made it a “horrendous” experience. sorry about that. what were you expecting?

    This is a newly opened magnificent building, a world class space to be in, and explore science. crowds are to be expected, I would assume. If you dont like crowds, maybe next time take your family to hang out at the Target store in South SF.

  6. I actually like that Target as well, and I think the two crowds were of equal size the last time I was there.

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