Lots of our fellow agents have noticed a bit of an uptick in “activity”, but we’re not so sure we’re convinced. We do hope it is true. We hear a lot about a ton of new listings and how that is good for the market, but we’d have to beg to differ on that. We need the current listings to start selling. So we ran a little report. Here is a list of properties in contract as of one month ago. Draw your own conclusions, we’re still too confused to draw ours.


  1. I would speculate it’s just the uptick in the seasonal shift now that we’re past Xmas and New Years heading into Spring.

    Alex what’s your experience with seasonal activity? Is this about when buyers start coming out from staying on the sidelines through winter?

  2. Lev,

    Spring and summer always see an increase in activity. But this year is hardly a typical year. It is comforting though seeing a bit of spike in activity. I think we’re seeing buyers coming in from the bench not only from winter, but they may be sensing a bottom. Who the hell knows really. Just being honest. Stock market is up today and the past 3 days, but if it tanks again, all bets are off.

  3. The two properties the I am involved in are not on that list and they are both in contract.

    [Editor’s Note: How the hell do we explain that….Search was d1-d10.]

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