Unemployed? No Clients? Time On Your Hands? Blog!

We understand times are tough, and you’re either out there hustling for new clients or searching and searching for that job that doesn’t exist, but have you ever thought about blogging? We bet you have. Starting your own blog is as simple as 1,2,3…it’s getting people to read it that’s the tricky part. Here at theFrontSteps we have a very large audience and continue to grow, so we’re putting out our hand and offering you, the reader/writer, an opportunity to get your voice heard to our audience. One post per month on our site would likely be read by as many people as 100 posts per month on something you’re starting new. We’re not saying you can’t achieve popularity, we’re just saying we’ll help you get started.

We have a few people that regularly contribute excellent content to this San Francisco blog via tips ([email protected]), and we also have a few people that post regular content directly to the site (Anna, Fluj, The Banker), but we’re always looking for more writers, more insight, and more ways to have more fun.

You might think your life is in shambles, you have nothing to share, or you have to constantly be prospecting for new clients/jobs, but we’d beg to differ. Blogging accomplishes just that. You can build a voice and build a following. So, if you think you have the knack for writing (more specifically blogging…there’s a difference), we’d love to hear from you. We received some inquiries from our last request, and we’re working with those people on what we have to offer (zero $$, beaucoup exposure), but we’re always open to what you have to offer.

Just drop us a line at [email protected], and let’s get your content on the site. The only rules, content has to either be about San Francisco, real estate, or the two combined (of course random fun stuff and videos are totally welcomed too). It’s things you talk about on theFrontSteps of your home that we want to hear.

Feel free to tell your friends, and friends of friends. We look forward to hearing from you.

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