Starting The Day Off Right With A Rosetta

When the home espresso machine (and barista) can put this together, it’s gonna be a good day…not to mention the stock market is up, and the sun is out!


Coffee: Blue Bottle Coffee’s Fazenda Jacaranda
Machine: Gaggia Classic

[Update: The stock market is now down! F*ck!]

7 thoughts on “Starting The Day Off Right With A Rosetta

    1. Love the Gaggia! The only complaints are it comes with this stupid little plastic frother thing for the steam wand, which I took partially off, so it now works like a charm, and it’s hard to make multiple espresso drinks (with steamed milk) because you have to allow the boiler to cool so as not to burn the espresso the third time around. I can do about 3-4 double shots really quick, then bang out some steamed milk for all four and it works. But then you have to let the boiler cool. Not ideal if you fix for more than 2-3 people in the a.m. My brother has a machine that is epic and allows for steam and pour without cooling and it didn’t break the bank. I’ll find out which one it is. He loves it.

      Do you really need that temp sensor?

  1. Thanks for the info on the Gaggia. How long does it take to warm up in the morning for espresso and milk? Did you buy a grinder separately or do you just have them grind it for you when you buy the beans for this machine?

    No. You don’t need a temp sensor. But I am a geek :)

  2. Anon8,

    I’m at open house doing this via iPhone.

    It takes about 5 minutes to heat up and rocks. I usually wake up, turn it on and it’s on for at least 30min before I pull a shot. I do this to heat the cups on top.

    Yes I have my own grinder. I think it is a la povini. I can recommend the Solis Maestro tho. Mine sounds like a jet engine.

    Don’t waste money on the temp sensor.

    1. My pleasure. Nice to discuss things other than real estate from time to time. Now for beans. Go blue bottle Fazenda Jacaranda or the Hayes Valley Espresso. The Retrofit is good too. The beans start out wet, so set your grinder a bit more corse. As they dry, keep changing grinder setting finer and finer. Enjoyment every morning, guaranteed.

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