Ask Us: Single Family Home On RH2 Lot, Can You Claim The Second Unit?

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If you own a RH2 lot with a SFH [Single Family Home] on it, can you claim the second house number? For example: to establish a professional address – no separate unit, kitchen or entry door, just a second mailbox with a second house number?

The regular address number is available (our number + 4), but using “unit A”, “unit B” would also be a valid solution.

Any insight is appreciated.

We have never dealt with this type of issue, so we do not have the answer. Anybody else?

6 thoughts on “Ask Us: Single Family Home On RH2 Lot, Can You Claim The Second Unit?

  1. Depends if the number has been assigned by the zoning department to the Postal Service. If you’re sure that’s the number then best way to find out is to go down to your post office and talk to the Post Master to see if they have slot assigned to it.

  2. I can’t imagine that is going to work. It’s probably something you can only get after the city approves the second unit. Although, the RH2 status is a very prized posession.

  3. I actually did something similar on my house in SF. You have to jump through a lot of hoops, but it was worth it in my opinion.

    I already had 2 units so my situation is different. They were just numbered 227 and 227A and I wanted 229 instead. In your case, you are not building another unit so they may say no.

    I had to give the Planning Dept. copies of all the old building permits they had on file, $36.55, and photos of the front doors of my house and my neighbors houses on either side.

    I think they wanted the old building permits to confirm that it was RH2 at some point in the past.

    The Planning Dept. then notifies the USPS of the new address and they update their records.

  4. So if the house was RH1 and had a address like 123, one can actually have it as 123A for the people in the in-law while the main house is just 123? Does it have to start with A or can you use any letter?

  5. To Almighty1:

    If you have an RH1 then you do not have people in the in-law unit, because you do not actually have an in-law unit. The last thing you want to do is go to the planning dept and the post master on something like that.


  6. SF:

    I meant in SF, Single Family Homes RH1 typically have addtions done in the garage so what’s the best approach to separate the mail?

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