Calling All Prospective Spelunking Home Buyers Willing To Relocate

Cave domicile
Cave domicile

(Not the catchiest headline ever, but hey. It’s apt. If you can come up with a better one I’ll gladly insert it.)

To steal our editor’s thunder a little bit, what can 300K get ya in SF? A one bedroom TIC in the Mission? Well, out in Festus, Missouri, it’ll get you a 17,000 foot custom cave dwelling!

Up for auction, right now, on EBay. It’s a pretty remarkable and Quixotic tale. Check it out:

Festus, Missouri, Cave Domicile

[Editor’s Note: Speaking of Stolen Thunder-Zillow Blog]

8 thoughts on “Calling All Prospective Spelunking Home Buyers Willing To Relocate

  1. Easy on wonderful San Francisco, I have only two coffee choices in the morning. I lived in Cali for about three years prior to returning to Missouri. Thank you for your kind words and I hope you all can visit some day. I think we are close to reaching private investment / financing so we can keep our home. Perhaps one of you San Frans can swap homes for a vacation next year.

    Again, Thanks.
    Curt Sleeper

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