Certain Guidelines have been presented for the 2009 Agency Expanded loan Amounts. The SF county limits and much of the surrounding turf will cap out at the following:

One-Unit — $625,500
Two-Unit — $800,775
Three-Unit — $967,950
Four-Unit —


The first major change: Non Owner Occupied Properties and Second Homes; Loan To Values increased from 60% to as high as 80% LTV.

Pricing has not been finalized, but from the looks of it, .5% in fee is the add on. . .not to bad considering.

These days. . .From both Banks and Brokers. . .expect to pay an application fee, and regardless of the rates online and in the paper. . .expect add ons that most are not accustomed too at this point:

example, 30 year fixed, 75%, 740 score= 5.5%

example 2, 30 year fixed, 75%, 700 score= 5.75%

My advice, if the

rate works. . .lock it, asap. . .these windows aren’t open that long. The rate environment is similar to the stock market, all over the place.


  1. Ah I wasn’t clear, so let me try again: what is the Agency? Is this the FHA or something? You are using some in-house industry lingo and this plebe doesn’t know what you are referring to.

  2. OK…the previous loan was for $729k I think, right?
    Was there a higher balance available then for 2 units, or have the limit for multi unit properties basically increased for 2009?

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