14 thoughts on “Barack Obama Elected 44th President!

  1. i’m so excited!!!!!!! what an acceptance speech too, no? tear jerker!

    such a fantastic relief: i can put away my big bottle of kettle and my passport. or, wait, no, i mean, i can still use them, but for celebration rather than emigration.

  2. Garrett, you’re harsh. You’re missing the most important sentence: “Now that the politics are over, we can get back to real estate…”

    Those elections will have a definite effect on the SFRE market.
    The president, but also the propositions.

    And that #@!$%^#$^ renter harassment prop? I’m betting my shirt that we’ll see an average of 5-10% INCREASE on all rents within 2 months, AND there should be 2-7% of units pulled off the rental market, both hurting mortally the rental market. That was all we needed right now…

    There are only two exits to this situation: one is that rich people take even more power over the city, control even more units, and push medium incomes and below away from the city (with more power and ownership going to CitiA and its likes) maintaining the RE wealth but killing rental – OR, even worse, the city falls into the 60s pattern of downtown (= all or most of the city) being deserted, unoccupied, tagged, squatted, destroyed, abandonned. And RE wealth disapearing into a BlackHole.

    Which is worse?

    Let’s hope there is some turnaround coming from the upper spheres (aka Washington DC) that will save SF from its insanity.

  3. oh, c’mon sophie, i was TOTALLY kidding, no harshness meant, i promise. i was just poking fun and being silly. i’m really happy about the outcome and agree with anna, that speech was amazing, historic, gracious and inspiring.

  4. Sophie, you’ve totally lost me on the harassment prop trip you took. How are you inferring all of that? Could you connect the dots for us?

    One thing, though: rents have been headed up one or two percentage digits, and just may be staying that way, regardless of this prop. So, leave that dot out of it.

  5. Anon.
    I agree I missed one dot. I agree with anybody deserving respect (cf Anna above)… What I don’t agree with is when one group is posed as a victim and steals all the show, all the rights and all the benefits, with no regard to any other party on the deal.
    Harassement law? fine. But it should go BOTH way and should have spelt out protection for the tenants against abuse from the landlord(/lady/company), AND it should have included protection for the landlord/lady (but not big corp) against abuse from the tenant.

    My grandpa had to evict a tenant because he never payd even the FIRST month beside the deposit …. and it took him 8 years between the first no-payment and the actual eviction (8 years of rent free in an upscale unit occupied by 2 government top salaries employees). 8 years during which he was insulted, hung up on, got dog poops on his door mat, 8 years and dozens of court appearances to hear the tenants laugh in his face….

    But I guess it’s ok: Landlords are so rich they deserve to be abused and harassed.
    What about laws for once based on RESPECT and DECENCY?

    rents going up. Anon, ask around your friends who own that inlaw unit in their own home. How many are MORE willing to put it on the market for rent to help pay the mortgage.. how many are MORE willing to foreclose/shortsale because it’s impossible to actually get some decent money to help pay the mortgage in renting it out?

  6. BARACK OBAMA was born on August 4,1961.He won the election held on November 4.His occult number is 26 that adds up to 8.He will be the 44th President(4+4=8)
    His birth year is 1961.Adding the numbers,1+9+6+1=17.Adding 17 to 1961 we get 1978.Adding the numbers in 1978 we get 25.Again add 25 to 1978.Then the sum is 2003.Addition of 2003 gives 5.Adding 5 to 2003 we get 2008.So,2008 is a crucial year for him.

  7. Reading that entry is without a doubt the biggest waste of my time, second only to the time it took me to write this entry. SPAM

  8. yeah. The Chinese people could have told you that 2008 is a very lucky year for Obama. No need to add up all the numbers and do all the number gymnastics.

  9. Inspired? More like depressed. I hope I’m wrong about Obama, but I’m not holding my breath.

  10. Hillary and Obama are influenced by the same numbers.Hence,together they are expected to raise the US to a higher level.

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