Comment du Jour: “egg tossing contest” and “B&T’er”

From yesterday’s “Spot or Not: Parking in San Francisco”, and what to do with a car that blocks your driveway, (tow or ticket) a reader (“YouKidsGetOuttaMyDriveway“) hits the nail on the head:

Use as a target for an egg tossing contest and THEN have it towed. Only a B&T’er would be stupid/rude/self-absorbed enough to do that.

For those outside of the city and not necessarily in the know, a “B&T’er” would be a person (extra points for the reader that can describe a B&T’er) that needs to take either a Bridge or Tunnel to get to the city. As for the “egg-tossing”…well that’s just brilliant and why the hell didn’t we think of that?!

4 thoughts on “Comment du Jour: “egg tossing contest” and “B&T’er”

  1. Yes, that’s brilliant – someone parks over the curb cut so vandalize their car. About as brilliant as it gets for San Franciscans – nothing shows who’s in control as well as infantile petty crime.

    From the photo it appears that the car in the driveway that had the greater incursion was still able to get by the offending parker, so neither car was actually blocked in. Nevertheless justice must be served. How about having a lynching tree in every neighborhood where interlopers can be quickly dispatched?

    [Editor’s note: “Lynching Tree”? Not a bad idea. Can you elaborate? ]

  2. that “lynching tree” comment is just so disgusting and racist. seriously, there is NO humor in that comment. it may have been said with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but it serves no purpose in today’s society, much less in San Francisco.

    and then to have the editor here provide some validation is over the top, immature and deeply disturbing. I’m truly embarrassed for you, and this site.

    [Editor’s note: Is there an international symbol for “insert sarcasm here”? If not, we’ll TM it and make millions. The little ;-) is over-used. But go ahead and “I.S.” in our last editor’s note, and harden the fuck up UrbanSF7 and Southbeacher, Duggo. Pick a name and stick to it. You make it sound like there are more jerks on here than just you.]

  3. Jamielynn doesn’t like the term “lynching tree?” I would have used gallows but can you imagine the neighborhood uproar if someone wanted to build one? Regardless of its good purpose, it’s bound to block light or views and bring a DR, and then there’s the ADA to consider – how to get a wheelchair bound interloper to the platform. And don’t you agree that it’s more “green” to use an existing tree? As for racism, two famous Bay Area lynchings were from a San Jose tree in 1933, and both victims were of the caucasian race.

  4. Oh. I think this is why I got called “racist” in another thread. Someone isn’t reading very closely. And assuming it was a different person, someone else apparently hasn’t seen very many Westerns. Not all lynchings were the racist kind Billie Holiday sang about.

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