Surely you heard the news yesterday of the failed passing of the $700 Billion economic recovery bill, but today the Monkey gives one last effort to convince Congress to act before he rides off in the sunset to tend to his hogs.

[Photo Credit: New York Times]

The stock market has rallied today, but what about our market? Is this going to be the final blow that knocks us down for the count?

Bush Urges Congress to Pass Bailout [New York Times]

One comment

  1. It is impossible for the San Francisco Market not to be affected. We are, all, to far in this mess for this market to not take some lumps. Take property, lack of housing, and deflated dollar out of the mix. . .this is simply a function of banks changing the way they do business and the rates that will come along with a Jumbo loan. This will happen hard and fast.

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