6 thoughts on “Another Noe Apple?

  1. I remember this from 2005 — and walking past it the other day, I noticed they’ve updated the sitting room just behind the entry. It went from dark-mission to bright-modern and now matches the rest of the house.

    The eyesore of a cottage next door has been in a dilapidated state for at least 10 years. Unoccupied, with no sign of any progress for several years.

  2. does anyone remember this one from 2001? we looked at it then and it was almost the equal of its eyesore neighbor. i remember the realtor standing in what should have been the kitchen (but was instead an empty room), talking about digging out a full basement.

    the one next door was also on the market in 2005. it was a complete disaster then and looks unchanged since.

  3. Speaking of Noe apples, nearby on Duncan street, there appear to be two apples in the making: 1) 766 Duncan was purchased in 3/07 for 1.15 and back on the market for 1.149. According to MLS, it is under contract. Anyone know for how much? 2) 865 Duncan was purchased in 3/08 for 1.329 and already is back on the market for a whopping 400 k more (1.749)! According to propertyshark, no building permits for either property. Any predictions?

  4. According to Property Shark, 766 Duncan sold in 7/2004 for $970K, 8/2005 for $1.25 million (with some crazy financing) and then 3/2007 for $1.15 million. It doesn’t seem to be a house that people want to stay in.

    I’d guess it will go for about asking.

    The price for 865 Duncan seems quite steep, given it can be used for its own comp. I’m surprised they didn’t stage it.

    It’s weird, the website from McGuire is still up (I assume from the listing earlier this year), showing a different outside paint color, furnished rooms, and the lower asking price from March. According to Redfin, the listing company is now “Allodial Realty”. Hmm… I’d predict that it will go for about what it sold for in March.

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