If it’s not the city, it can be neighbors in San Francisco hindering property improvements. This home on 18th ave @Fulton is a perfect example. It’s been stopped for at least a year due to “neighbors didn’t like the exterior.”

Sound familiar?

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  1. yea, there are neighbors who do seem “entitled” to stop any and every project that may disrupt their lives. It’s really too bad that the city has allowed this so called democratic design process to get so out of control. It means longer permit review time, increased costs, and at times, endless disputes with neighbors over what is the appropriate design for a project.

    I personally think neighbors should be kept out of the “visual design” portion of the process. You will never please everyone with a proposed design solution. As long as it meets the Residential Design Guidelines and conforms to building and planning codes, then the property owner should be allowed to build it. Sometimes, even ugly is in the eye of the beholder.

  2. C’mon… this is Fulton & 18th we’re talking here, not some place in Pacific Heights. If you want a say in the design process, go buy a house in Pacific Heights where you can buy entitlement.

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