Comment du Jour: We love Realtors yes we do, we love Realtors how ’bout you!

Because we know many of you don’t read the brilliant comments. From time to time we have to bring them to you (edited slightly for flow):

I did not read over the hoards of posts, but i would like to leave a comment! I really do not care how much Realtors make, matters not. But, i do care that in fact, my Realtor is a PRICK. I am in the process of buying a house (within a couple of weeks of closing, supposedly) and my Realtor called me, YELLING at me, telling me I’M lagging behind and not working towards getting this loan closed. Although Every single fucking stressful day I’m getting two or three calls from the lender wanting “just one more” document of some kind to “get this thing pushed through”. Would you believe that the sellers/Realtor expect ME to paint over the window frames to pass an FHA inspection? Yup, the buyer who doesn’t even own the house yet……….. two weeks ago my friend went and built a HAND RAIL on the front porch for me, because the sellers, and the Realtors say it is my job to put the house up to code, not theirs.

Meanwhile the Realtor, if he actually is a Realtor. ([We left it out, but it’s in the original comment] at Remax Select, Flint Michigan) is belligerent with me, rude, and forceful, telling me that because they are willing to sell the price for “so Low” and willing to agree to “all my terms” which they didn’t anyway!! that I should just march my happy ass over there and make sure their house passes an inspection.

Alas, I will paint the fuckin windows, because I want the house. but I’ll tell you what i don’t want…….. i don’t want that cocksucker to get one cent commission when i close, so, I am up at 5am researching [so that’s how you found us] if it’s possible to change Realtors right before close… because you know what? I wanna stick it to the fucker and teach that little man a lesson.

[Much Love, Sarah]

As we said, “Ouch!” That hurts and we’re sorry you had that experience, surely this would never happen in San Francisco… ;-) It begs the question, why didn’t you fire this guy sooner!?

Why are Realtors so arrogant and such assholes [theFrontSteps]

4 thoughts on “Comment du Jour: We love Realtors yes we do, we love Realtors how ’bout you!

  1. Your friend is doing handywork for free?? Your REALTOR(R) has got you by the short and curlies. Walk away from this one. You’ll find another house to fall in love with.

  2. I’m afraid that it would be hard to screw your agent out of his commission. You could always fire the agent and resubmit an offer to buy the house contingent on your former agent no longer receiving any commission. But realistically, you should call the agents office and speak to the office manager, or the district manager if that doesn’t work. Ask for another agent from the office to be assigned to your purchase and more than likely you will at least reduce the commission this person will see as he/she would have to split.

    I wouldn’t walk from a house just because you don’t like agent.

    If you would consider walking, present your agent with a pre-signed letter, with terms stating that he agrees to split his after tax commission with you 50/50 upon payment and demand he sign it. If he doesn’t, than walk.

    Good luck.

  3. I have to say I find the rant by the buyer to be pretty offensive. with the language he uses (assuming it’s a he), he sounds and acts as much like the asshole realtor he’s complaining about.

    takes two people to develop a relationship that’s that fucked up.

  4. Yes, call the office and talk to the manager.

    And walk away from the sale. It is a buyer’s market. You will get more oppotunities to make good buys.

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