This also from the SFAR Advantage Online e-newsletter:

Daly Introduces Two Ordinances Aimed at Rental Property Owners

Supervisor Chris Daly has introduced two proposed ordinances that, if passed, will affect rental property owners. One would prohibit owner move in evictions for households with children under the age of 18 and amend the definition of disability so that it is the same as the definition of disability in the relocation section of the city’s rent ordinance. The other would amend the city’s rent ordinance to define and prohibit harassment by landlords and provide for rent reduction fines for landlords who are harassing tenants. Both proposed ordinances have been assigned under the 30-day rule to the supervisors’ rules committee, consisting of Supervisors Daly, Dufty and Ammiano. Public hearings on the proposed ordinance are expected to be held by the committee next month.

When will the madness stop!?


  1. Another part of this is that two units would be required to go into the condo conversion lottery. I really do not get this guy. Small landlords are the least of this city’s problems.

    [Editor’s note: I had this for tomorrow, but since you mentioned it today, I figured I’d throw it up. The guy is nuts!]

  2. Daly and Peskin are making SF increasingly hostile to landlords. It’s bizarre because all these measures will have the exact opposite effect. Right now I’m renting and the owner is desperate to dump the building. I totally expect a buyer will Ellis and convert to TICs – it’s the only thing that makes financial sense. Why would anyone want to own rental property here? It defies logic.

  3. Wholeheartedly agree with Sleepiguy. The myraid of rent control laws and anti-landlord sentiment in this city only serves to hurt RENTERS in the long run.

    I’m a landlord of small apartment buildings in this city and in five years plan to sell them for a tidy profit. I can guarantee that the buildings will be all owner-occupied and not rentals. So that will be at least seven units off the rental market.

  4. when do we find posts on Craigslist about “rent a kid”?

    what about you find someone who rents your kids 2 nights a week so the renter can keep his address/lease up, and the parents of the kid can have a couple of kid-free nights ? not that far from any shared custody agreement, and it might work under those stupid laws….

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