“not much siren noise” at 960 Potrero

We love when our readers (AMinSF) come through with quality finds such as this at 960 Potrereo asking $949,000:


so, does this listing deserve the retarded RE agent of the year…err…month award? (we’re barely into mid-january!) somebody needs to enlighten the agent that there is a difference between honesty and stupidity. the leading agent remarks are priceless:

OK, it’s on a busy street and across from SF General, AND you get a lot of house for the $$. E. R. is at other end of the hospital and not much siren noise.”

It definitely doesn’t help sell the property, but at least they have pictures, lots of them. Since “the General” is the only trauma hospital in the city, we’d have to disagree with the “not much siren noise” statement…you’ll get plenty.

One thought on ““not much siren noise” at 960 Potrero

  1. that’s hiliarous! you won’t get stabbed out front of this little charmer but you’ll sure get your md learning about all sorts of types of puncture wounds as they stager by 24×7.

    good luck!

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