Comment du Jour: “Deal…SF…Jive”

Where we poach from our readers and their comments to show all you folks that don’t follow or contribute to the comments what you’re missing (and hopefully shame you into getting your ass over their and chiming in). Today, we steal from “anon” (wish you gave us a name) on “Verbatim: Why is Housing in some Cities Still Booming?“:

The words deal and San Francisco don’t jive together. You either get one or the other!

Au contraire…deals are all relative. To a five year old, getting a deal is trading 4 marbles instead of 8 for a piece of gum. To Paris Hilton a deal is getting out of jail early for committing to save alcoholic elephants. To Donald Trump a deal is trading a skyscraper for a golf course. To a San Francisco home buyer a deal might be $995,000 instead of $997,000 for that fixer on the corner. You see?

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4 thoughts on “Comment du Jour: “Deal…SF…Jive”

  1. I agree Alex, it is all relative. As the original poster of this comment, however, when you look at the grander scheme of things, meaning outside of SF or in other states, nothing in SF is a deal. And this is brought to you by a homeowner in SF so I’m not a hater just speaking the truth.

    [Editor’s note: Which is exactly why we like going Walkabout.]

  2. It’s structural. A Ferrari is never going to seem like a deal vs. a Honda. Yet, the inflation of Ferrari prices are going crazy.

  3. Or perhaps it could be said that “deal” and “SF” jive for some, and for others “deal” and “some-place-other-than-SF” jive better.

  4. Went open house hunting today. It was NUTs and the weather is bad.

    3134 Baker St. for $1.995 mil is a steal, and will seen some big multiple bids imo.

    143 Alhambra St. condo for $1.595 mil is not bad either.

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