God Save the Queens…of the Craigslist Housing Forum

If you’re going to call us out, at least let us know about it. We found this on Craigslist today:

The Front Steps Blog is Hilarious. < [author] Planet_of_Slums > 11/24 14:18:22

The entire Bay Area has gone into crash mode, but, over at the Front Steps blog: they’re not gonna take this Housing Crash B.S. lying down!! Ho Ho!

You tell ’em!


I really like the attitude of these folks. The greatest credit bubble of all time is merging with a housing and US Dollar bust, and these guys are gonna Shout it Down!.

My message to these clowns is follows: Try Ring-fencing this, Kids.


We’re not kids, and did you check the map on that article? No? Here it is:


We’re only concerned with that little red circle that, although only 47.1 miles away from Fairfield, is worlds away in market dynamics. But as soon as things take a massive turn for the worse in San Francisco, we’ll let you know. As for now, they have not. How’s that for a ring fence? A little red one for you.

Nice name by the way.

Fairfield balances on the edge as housing prices plunge [SF Gate]

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11 thoughts on “God Save the Queens…of the Craigslist Housing Forum

  1. I saw that post….it was so stupid, that I didn’t think anyone would do that, so I thought that was a clever marketing ploy by thefrontsteps….

  2. I love being able to raise rents 15-20% in 2008. It’s such a great feeling. Imagine being a renter and investing in the stock market, or just blowing it on junk! 10 years later, you’re 10 years older with nothing to show.

    I wish many renters would get out of our fine city, as they do not deserve to be here. Hope they all move to Antioch and Fairfield!

    SF Prices up 3.9% YoY in October, in the biggest credit crunch of all time! lol

    [Editor’s note: Nothing wrong with renting. If you got rid of renters this town would be a ghost town.]

  3. I actually wouldn’t mind many renters to move out of SF to relieve congestion and pollution.

    CL is awesome fun. There have been bubbleheads on that boad who’ve called for a SF price decline for 8 years. It’s very enjoyable to read.

    I can’t imagine renters who’ve saved and invested the difference in this stock market.


  4. You can’t raise the rent in my pad biotch. Can you say 3bd in a remodeled victorian with views and our own 2 car off street private gated driveway, in a perfectly pleasant neighborhood for $1800? That wouldn’t even cover my property tax if I owned this place. And yes, boomtime, you better believe the difference goes into investments. The market may be down, but GOOG, AAPL, and metals are all doing just fine.

    Oh, and one little thing: sooner or later there will be a downturn. It might be sooner, it might be later. But one thing for sure, it’s not going to be never. And when it happens, I will have a nice nest egg ready to bust out on the poor suckers who bought at the top because they thought renting would result in having nothing to show for it.

    Sorry for the ‘tude Alex, but one self satisfied post deserved another.

    [Editor’s note: It’s all well within reason, so no need to apologize. But it is appreciated.]

  5. Ah Boom – Congrats on still renting. I hope you are still in your 20’s, b/c that would be a shame. From your language, I’m sure you’re still young, so you still have time. I also hope you live in a nice and safe area. $1800 is a great deal. I know tons of people with ‘great deals’ since 1997, and b/c they thought they had such a great rental deal, they never bought, and now the wealth chasm between renters and owners have never been so wide.

    $1,800/month is still $21,600 in after tax money or around $32,000 in gross money you’re paying on rent and the return is -100%. True, SF prices are only up 3.9% YoY in Oct, but that’s after a humungous credit crunch. Im glad you’re killing it in the stock market, but I think after 8 years of renting out of school, when you turn 30, you’re realize you’ll never build wealth renting.

    All the best to ya kid! I enjoy having people paydown my mortgage and provide me income. You’ll undestand it one day, the beauty of fixed payments, and ever increasing rents :)


  6. I’m 37. And yes I wish I bought in 97, but I didn’t have the money then. I was busy doing non profit work and being a professional musician (you’ve probably heard my music if you watch TV or go to the movies).

    I never even thought about money until about five years ago, and then it took a while to get my wife and I out of credit card debt. By the time we got that straightened out I was hopelessly priced out of the housing market. I’m still priced out, but the gap is much narrower now, and I’m gaining (and learning) rapidly. The business I own has really taken off, so I think the next couple of years are going to be good for me, and I don’t think they are likely to be as good as they have been in the past for homeowners. Time will tell. But all the same, and with all due respect, I don’t think the level of smugness I see here from some posters is justified.

  7. BoomTime and Landlord are the same poster. This poster trolls any SF real estate forums constantly under a variety of handles but is most notoriously known as MarinaPrime.

    [Editor’s note: We know he/she has commented under a couple different names, but the IP address of Landlord and Boomtime were, in fact, different. Different person? Different computer? We know not. Only if we require login will we know for certain, but we’re not going that route yet.]

  8. Ah Boom – Thanks for sharing your story, and I commend you for taking a proactive effort to getting your finances in order. I really didn’t think people over 30 used the word “biotch” anymore :) I think you are finally starting to settle down, which is great. The irony about “splurging” on real estate while you’re younger, is that it forces you to budget yourself instead of spend money on other superfulous things.

    it’s easy for many to say that they will save the difference, or invest the difference, but like a warm melted chocolate chip cookie that’s just sitting in front of you, you’ll eat that cookie whether you’re hungry or not, just like you will spend your money on things whether you need them or not.

    Real estate is actually wealth building for the undisciplined, like myself when i was younger.

    I don’t know why some people think I’m “MarinaPrime”. That guy is a legend, and has ruffled more renter feathers than anybody I know. I’m just interested in prime SF real estate, whether that be Sea Cliff, Pac Heights, Cow Hollow, or The Marina. I’m also interested in Hillsboro, Ross i.e. anywhere I’d want to live and own.

  9. “I really didn’t think people over 30 used the word “biotch” anymore ”

    I think you’ve read enough of my posts at this point to know that’s not a regular part of my vocabulary. Just trying to match the level of smugness steaming out of Landlord’s post.

  10. I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

  11. Just wanted to introduce myself, been a lurker on here for a while. Are there any subjects that we can’t talk about on here?

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