Urban Driving at its finest, and reason we live here #9

We’ve been seeing quite a few of these cars rolling around our streets lately (saw one today in fact, and the guys driving were definitely Italian), and welcome them with open arms. Not only do we think they’re ideal for those tight parking spaces, but they’re also all you truly need if you’re a verified urban dweller and cringe at the thought of hitting an open road. And of course, it makes us feel like we’re in Rome.


But what happens when it runs up against one of these:

Our Photoshop skills are barely beyond resizing an image, so anyone care to mash these together for us? Please! Pretty please….And as always, we’d love to hear and see any of your reasons YOU live here.

[Update: And a crash test video provided by anon8mizer.]

Smart Car

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4 thoughts on “Urban Driving at its finest, and reason we live here #9

  1. The worst part about being a realtor is needing to drive all over town. Every time I get in my car somebody does something that endangers my well being. Often I see three or four scary maneuvers while driving a typical four mile north south route. It’s like clockwork. The U-turners and lazy double parkers of South Van Ness and Folsom, the California brake pumping, no complete stop at a four-way , cell phone blabbing betty’s of Cow Hollow, the swerving speed merchants of Gough and Franklin, the pull out of the projects without looking accompanied by menacing glares of the Webster street gangsters, the slowly roll through the four way insouciance of the elderly all over town, the crazed parking scenes of Irving or Clement — none of it is very fun. I would never trust my life to a Smart car. No way you could convince me they’re safe. What about side impact?

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