Fast Track to Staledom ™

Over on the sfnewsletter we have this little list we call our Stalefish ™. (Properties on the market 100+ days.)  Of course there are ways around hitting our list (“Resetting the DOM to sell Stalefish”-sfgate), but generally, we’ll find them. 177 17th Ave. (TIC) is on that list, but if you take a look at a couple of these pictures, you’ll surely see it is not the property, but the price.  The other unit in the building, 175 17th, is in contract and just waiting for you to help them out. 

Current price: $1,360,000

Previous price: $1,428,000

3 bed, 3 bath, 2150 square feet, lower unit

Offer date now set for March 21(not too sure how smart that is)

Beautiful Kitchen. 

The good thing about finding a Stalefish ™…there are deals to be had, and anxious sellers, especially on a two unit building like this that has the potential for condo conversion.

[pictures taken from property profile, photographer not stated]

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