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Dear All,

Thank you for your amazing support so far with the sfnewsletter.  At your requests, I invite you into our BLOG.  Our goal with the BLOG is to give you the day to day, play by play so many of you have requested, but at the same time make real estate fun and informative.  We encourage you to ask questions of our experts, and provide comments to our posts.  We are here to help, and help we shall.  But first, we need to get the “drop” “wired”.    




This BLOG will only be as good as the people associated with it.  If you are good people, I encourage you to tell your friends about this BLOG and the sfnewsletter. 

As Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys said, “I got a million ideas I ain’t even rocked yet.”  But collectively our team has more, and you, the readers can take it Intergalactic.   

 Welcome, Bienvenue, Wilkommen, Benvenuto! 


Alex Clark

founder sfnewsletter(tm)

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