What Awaits Behind Those Doors? (2219 Pacific)

While everyone else is talking about the end of the world, we’re talking about opportunities (pricing aside)! (Edited for syntax.)

Permits issued and complete plans available to finish this spectacular three story home in AAA Pacific Heights location. Down to studs, completely reframed, needs electrical, plumbing, floors, mechanical etc. & will be a 4900 sq ft home with elevator & private alley entrance off Webster St. Three quarters of foundation is brand new with all current seismic upgrades.


This dream opportunity could be yours for the bargain basement price of….$3,495,000.

2219 Pacific Avenue, $3,495,000 [sfnewsletter listing detail]


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  1. What IS going on behind those (five) doors, indeed? A quick search shows that this house went on the market in June 2007 for $4,300,000 and was described then as “beautifully remodeled and maintained”.

    Not beautiful enough for somebody, perhaps a flipper, who started refurbishing it only to run out of money? Any other guesses? (http://www.sfhouseprices.net/blog/2007/06/03/2219-pacific-ave-san-francisco/)

  2. its a couple who fell on hard financial times, not a flipper.

  3. I like this place. Actually liked it when it sold last year. I agree that there is an opportunity here for someone. Probably some room on offer price too I’d imagine.

  4. I heard this was a rich couple who are now divorcing due to some affair. Juicy!

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