2009 Agency High Balance

Certain Guidelines have been presented for the 2009 Agency Expanded loan Amounts. The SF county limits and much of the surrounding turf will cap out at the following:

One-Unit — $625,500
Two-Unit — $800,775
Three-Unit — $967,950
Four-Unit —


The first major change: Non Owner Occupied Properties and Second Homes; Loan To Values increased from 60% to as high as 80% LTV.

Pricing has not been finalized, but from the looks of it, .5% in fee is the add on. . .not to bad considering.

These days. . .From both Banks and Brokers. . .expect to pay an application fee, and regardless of the rates online and in the paper. . .expect add ons that most are not accustomed too at this point:

example, 30 year fixed, 75%, 740 score= 5.5%

example 2, 30 year fixed, 75%, 700 score= 5.75%

My advice, if the

rate works. . .lock it, asap. . .these windows aren’t open that long. The rate environment is similar to the stock market, all over the place.


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  1. what is an agency expanded loan amount?

  2. they are posted. see post.

  3. Ah I wasn’t clear, so let me try again: what is the Agency? Is this the FHA or something? You are using some in-house industry lingo and this plebe doesn’t know what you are referring to.

  4. yes Ageny is conforming. FHA is the same.

  5. OK…the previous loan was for $729k I think, right?
    Was there a higher balance available then for 2 units, or have the limit for multi unit properties basically increased for 2009?

  6. the scale increase for units

    search conforming loans on google. . .

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