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Comment Du Jour: From San Francisco Shack To Seattle Mid Century For Under $650,000

When readers comment, we listen…
Abuseintake writes in reaction to the $401,000 Overbid at 235 28th Street in Noe Valley:

…moved from a $750,000 2 bed, 1 bath shack in Dogpatch and bought a 2,800 sq.ft, 3 bed, 2 3/4 bath mid-century split-level with a stunning view, for $645,000…in Seattle. You can keep SFO.

Abuseintake took it one step further to share some comparable properties in his/her area of Seattle, should you be so inclined to peruse them.
Sounds like a good time to sell and wander for you San Francisco residents pondering a move to greener pastures.
Just sayin’…
-<a href="“Maximum Overbid Of the Week: 235 28th Street, Noe Valley [theFrontSteps]



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One thought on “Comment Du Jour: From San Francisco Shack To Seattle Mid Century For Under $650,000”

  • DisillusionedwithCA

    April 23, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    Abuseintake has it right. I moved to SF 1 year ago for my wife’s job. Moved to LA 10 years ago from Ohio. I thought LA was out of its (blanking) mind with housing. At least LA has some ok housing stock in the low $400k range. SF housing is in the twilight zone. People in CA seem to have learned nothing from the bubble. Purchaser’s are buying payments to lock in the low rates, effectively leasing their homes. Rates will go up causing values to go down. That’s the math. CA is on another unsustainable HPI curve. The CA housing lottery redux.


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