4 thoughts on “Hey! You Suck At Parking. Seriously.

  1. I like to leave notes along the lines of “sorry I dinged your car; I couldn’t fit in to the space since you were over the line/didn’t pull up far enough/etc” when I haven’t actually hit the person’s car. I can only assume it drives them nuts – whereas they can just throw away a card like the one pictured.

  2. These kinds of cards are so tempting, but don’t forget: have you ever had to park oddly due to someone else’s parking job? And then an hour passes and that initial parker moves their car, leaving you looking like the jerk-off? Happens all the time in the city.

  3. A bit late to reply to this but sorry it just stirred up a memory I had. One time several years ago I had someone leave one of these smart-alecky “you suck at parking” pre-printed notes similar to this under my wiper blade in the Safeway parking lot in West Davis. Never mind that they didn’t bother to notice that my tires were literally all the way against the curb on the DRIVER’S side – i.e., I couldn’t actually get any closer to the curb. I also drove a Honda CRX back then – a small car. The reason I parked so close to the curb was because the car in the space two over was parked terribly so I wanted to give whomever wanted to park in the space next to me as much room as possible. Instead of taking the time to notice this, the person leaving the note thought they were being so damned clever calling me an asshole for parking badly when in fact I had done nothing wrong. In short – if you’re going to stick one of these on the windshield make really sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Frankly I think these smart-alecky cards make the person leaving the card look like a bigger asshole than the person who was parked badly. Anonymously threatening to key someone’s car? And who would key anyone’s car, ever, for any reason? What are you – twelve?

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