3 thoughts on “New Meaning To The Term “Drop By For Dinner”

  1. My money is on some building plumbing (e.g., fire standpipe emergency drain valve or somesuch) that code requires to be accessible for once-in-a-blue-moon maintenance and cannot be sealed inside drywall. In some more industrial lofts, that would be left exposed, but if you’re wanting fewer exposed pipes, things like doors are a reasonable solution given that special purpose access panels can be quite ugly. Depending on what is adjacent to that bit of wall in the loft upstairs, a door in that location may have been the only viable option.

  2. I’ve seen it in a couple of noe valley (victorian) houses – it was there the water heater tank.
    What I don’t understand tho is why on earth would they install such an obnoxious door handle. Remove the handle and put a push/pop or whatever, graffiti/”paint” the panel and voila – it’s simply a picture/picture frame that nobody notices!

    cf the fireplace loft paintings

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