Begin Chest Compressions….




But fear not! We’re coming back to life, just bear with us. (Yes, this post was prompted by a couple Tweets by @SF Schtuff yesterday.)

Our Site for Pocket Listings (a.k.a “Off Market” or “Not on MLS”) properties is coming soon, and already causing quite a stir, a lot of buzz, and we’d even go so far as prompting a bit of fear in some people’s eyes. Bottom line, it’s going to be awesome for real estate agents, and public alike (once we work through the launch bugs ;-) .) There are several ways to be kept in the loop: go to and enter your email; follow us on Twitter; or join our Page on Facebook.

So…what should we talk about here?

4 thoughts on “Begin Chest Compressions….

  1. Seriously – quit screwing around. For the record, I’m counting the minutes until you launch this thing and ruffle feathers — and you do know you are going to cause a near riot correct?

    I’ll be on the sidelines giggling!

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