Is it us, or does the San Francisco Association of Realtors just like to make things complicated (Remember the Token Code?) is a new web site developed by the Association to provide detailed information on tweets broadcast by the Association. It is shown as a link at the end of each tweet that requires more than 140 characters to provide the kind of detailed treatment of a subject that REALTORS® will find useful. Just ahead of the link is a “D” number (i.e., the “Details” number). If a tweet has a D number and you are interested in seeing a more detailed explanation of the subject, jot down the D number and click on the link. Once on, enter the D number of the tweet. Then enter your member ID and password. A title relating to the tweet will display. Click on the title and the details will appear.

All of this secrecy! Is it really necessary?


  1. It’s just some technology that makes it easy for agents to log into SFRAO without having to type in username/passwords, plus whatever that token number is, all the time. The SFRAO is paranoid about non-agents getting inside information (well, it’s actually paranoid that unauthorized users get access to its information so they lose $$ on subscription fees). But it does not have to make it that difficult for paying agents. But… honestly SFRAO is probably a little local monopoly of some sort so they can do whatever they want – they don’t have to make it easy for anybody, because, like Lily Tomlin once said, they don’t care. They don’t have to. They are the phone company.

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