Some Realtors Are So Dreamy! Just Listen To These…

If you haven’t noticed, our Sexiest Bay Area Realtor 2009 Contest is now accepting your nominees and they’re streaming in! Keep them coming ([email protected]).

It’s funny, usually we get very simple emails with just the name and picture of the nominees, but every so often we get a few that are just too good to pass up. Since we’re nice, we won’t spill the beans on who these comments refer to, but we think you’ll like them.

First of all huge fan of the site. I would like to nominate [you’re gonna have to wait] for the sexiest Realtor of San Francisco and the bay area. All of us girls here at the office have kindergarten crushes on him & we all think he’s so dreamy :) lol
But he is really one of the coolest most down to earth guys and we would love to see him win!

And one more:

Hey Front Steps,

Oh I got your sexy realtor. Her name is [it’s killing you, isn’t it] and she’s a [removed] agent in SF. You didn’t ask people to say why they think their nominee is sexy, but I’m gonna tell ya anyways:

1 Look at her. She’s smoking hot.
2 She’s smart — and brains propel beauty into crazy-sexy-hot territory.
3 She’s got a [does size really matter?] tattoo which is so way cool. I am attaching the full [sized photo] since I think it just oozes SF to be a professional but also have a little edge too.

We like edgy, and we like all of you dear readers for sending in your nominations. Keep them coming and let’s keep having some fun!

Oh, and if you care to elaborate as to why you think they’re sexy, we like that even more.

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