Having recently met some people who did not live anywhere near San Francisco, but certainly lived in a large metropolitan area that one could easily argue has a much more diverse population than San Francisco…okay fine, they were New Yorkers…we were surprised when after we said we live in San Francisco, the first thing out of their mouths was, “With all the gays?”

One would expect a relatively young, urban, and “with it” (we’d even go so far as to say hip) group of people to know that the times, they have a changed, and “people are people so why should it be” (How the hell did Depeche Mode get in our heads!). So who’s putting these thoughts in these (relatively young) people’s heads? So maybe the sample specimens we met were hardly representative of the population as a whole, but is that still the first thing that comes to many a person’s mind when they think of San Francisco…the gay population?

Sure, San Francisco has an extremely large gay, lesbian, and transgender population, but we’d be willing to bet there are more of them in your area (assuming you’re reading from outside SF) than you think. It’s just that San Francisco is open to all sexual preferences and everyone is free to let it all hang out (no pun intended). Beats living in Kansas, if you ask us, and is yet another reason we love living in San Francisco…diversity and all you gays!

We love ya! Don’t go changin’…


  1. I’ve learned the past week that the biggest MtF transgender group is probably in L.A. with an estimated 40-50.000 on MtF hormone therapy. not in San Francisco!

    …. funny that they didn’t say … with all those Chinese (the three chinatown are as much visible as the Castro flag, the chinese new year is somewhat similar to the gay pride and numberwise.. a pretty safe bet they are the biggest group in SF).

    I blessed to have a few super nice gay neighbors around my house – and I wouldn’t trade them for the desperate housewife on meth, the restless teenagers partying all night or who knows.

    People live – I hope – where they feel safe, comfortable, and accepted. Thank you San Francisco for providing this little heaven for me – and for my neighbors – in whatever identity we take or have… you respect me, I respect you.

  2. No wonder I keep meeting “bi” guys, ALL the gays live in SF.

    Which bridge or tunnel did these people use to move into “the City“?

  3. good topic…I think that a LOT of people outside of Ca…especially those in the midwest really do think that SF is only full of “the gays” family and friends in Michigan still think that soon as I say I live here in fabulous SF with my husband….

    they always say…”yea, with all those gays out there…”

    a stereotype we probably cant shake. doesnt bother me’s one of the many reasons why I love it and live here.

  4. SF may be more “gay” (per capita and in concentration) than areas that may have higher absolute numbers (the Southland is more populous and more spread out).

    It is what it is.

    Of course, the real oppressed group in San Francisco is actually middle-class families (see Sophie’s comment above) of all ethnicities.

  5. ah sophie..what you been smoking girl??

    the “three chinese” as visible as the Castro flag? what mean?

    chinese new years parade similar to the gay pride parade?? really?? how so? both are unique celebrations and have their rightful place in The City..

    numbers wise, I do believe the gay pride parade draws in the biggest crowd to watch..and has the largest (and sometimes slowest) contingency.

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