Nominations In, Now We Need Your Vote! Best Real Estate Blog

Thanks for the nominations, theFrontSteps has been nominated for best real estate blog in the nation, now we need to win. Please take a second to head to this site and look in Zone 3. There we are. You gotta vote March Madness style, just make sure you select theFrontSteps in there somewhere.

sfnewsletter was actually nominated too, so if you’re so inclined to help there, here is the link to that bracket.

alex (the editor)

[Update: Oh… thanks to a visit to Schtuff, we see the seeds, and we are actually ranked #1 in our seed in Zone 3. Well all be damned! Get on over to to and vote us through to the finals! Feel free to spread this post around and the link to the voting: and if you do Twitter, feel free to RT,]


4 thoughts on “Nominations In, Now We Need Your Vote! Best Real Estate Blog

  1. Voted for you. Didn’t vote for lisasellstroudsburg, although I’m sure she’s a very nice person.

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