Holy cow. I just went down to the planning department to get a 3-R …

… and they more than TRIPLED the cost. I was thinking they cost $32 before for some reason. They didn’t. They cost $50 before. Well, now they cost $160. Jeez. I wonder who came up with that number? I have a sneaking suspicion it was not derived through hiring a statistician. Wow. A 320 % increase. I’m surprised they didn’t just go ahead and make it $500.

For all the handwringing that has been directed at the San Francisco housing market, this city makes a GRIP off of real estate. Be it property taxes, transfer taxes, permit fees. Or $160 for a young woman to take five seconds out of her day at the building department office in order type a block and lot number into a database, hit enter, then hit print — this city milks property owners for all it can. And then some.

6 thoughts on “Holy cow. I just went down to the planning department to get a 3-R …

  1. I know it isn’t just 3-Rs, and I did read about it before. Like I said, I even forgot how much they cost in the first place.

    What’s funny about it is “Why $160?” The other permits got jacked up too. But not no 320 %!!! I know somebody just pulled that number out of thin air. What a joke.

  2. Seriously tho. Does flour cost 320% more than it did in 1998? Not even gasoline does. Why 3-Rs? So they had a report done. Big whup.

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