Walkabout: Berlin and €21 Million (that’s Euros)

So here’s the problem. Once you go walkabout you eventually get Wanderlust, and end up in Berlin Germany…Stadt Mitte! Danke Schoen.


So what do you get for €21 Million?


That’s what you get. A sweet corner building with retail and office space located in the heart of Berlin, with a Rolex sign to boot! Not to mention total rental space of 2,811 square meters, underground garage with 26 parking spaces, gross rental income of 835,000 €, a complete renovation of the entire building in 1997, and a total of nine full floor offices & three shops.

We’re on our way, but we’re gonna knock that price down a bit if you don’t mind, because our beloved green backs are a little lifeless in your neighborhood these days.

You know, of course, “ick bin ein berliner”.

21 Million Euros Property [website]

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